Privacy Policy - Futurama Festival 2022

Privacy Policy

App and website

When you visit a website owned by Futurama Festival, we may place a cookie on your device (remember, you can always block them), allowing us to enhance the user experience and functionality. We also use them to target you with digital ads. We do this because you’ve shown an interest in our festival, and to make sure you stay updated on our line-up, tickets, donations and much more. Look here for more info on our use of cookies.

When you use our app, a tracking code gives us information about the usage. It also shows us where the users are located on the festival site, allowing us to send push messages to users in a certain area. We do this for safety reasons. We can evaluate on audience flows for future festivals, predict audience attendance and communicate safety precautions based on your location. Another reason is enhancing your experience. We can suggest experiences close to your location or guide you to the festival areas you visit. All users are anonymous. We don’t know who you are, and we don’t want to know. 

When you use the Wi-Fi at Roskilde Festival, we get to know your mobile device’s network address. Other than that, it’s an op network and all users stay anonymous.

Ticket sale and shopping at Futurama Festival

When you buy a ticket, we get to know your name, phone number, address and e-mail address. We appreciate that info because it tells us something about where in the world our audience is from. Furthermore, we can send you practical information, updates and, most importantly, your ticket to the Futurama Festival.

When you buy stuff at the festival, be it beer or merchandise, we don’t record any personal data. We’ve heard one critical voice say that we could in fact trace everybody personally based on their purchases. Let’s be straight about this: We can’t, and most importantly, we won’t! At Futurama you’re free. We simply make it possible for you to pay for stuff you’d like to buy, just like shops do.

E-mails and newsletters

When you sign up for our newsletter, you let us send you stuff about the Futurama Festival. We do this because you’ve shown an interest in our event.

When you contact us at [email protected], your e-mails will be saved in our inbox until you get the answers you need. Thereafter, we’ll make sure that our e-mail thread will be deleted within 6 months after the festival.

Images, video and audio recordings

When we shoot photos and video at the festival, you might end up being in the recordings. If you’re the focal point of the content, we will always ask your approval to use the content in any commercial context. You may also be in some photos alongside a lot of other happy festival-goers. When that happens, we’re not able to ask for everybody’s approval. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]