Yammerer - Futurama Festival 2022



Most bands, regardless of how atypical they strive to be, fit neatly into boxes. Most bands, regardless of how different they think they are, still have a rigid creative process. And most bands, regardless of what they tell you, see stardom as an end goal. For Yammerer, none of these things apply. But then Yammerer aren’t your usual band. It’s difficult to even consider them a band in the most traditional sense, with the five-piece best viewed as a single organic and multi-faceted organism. And though Yammerer might take their cues from a host of heady and hypnotic genres including psych, new wave, and krautrock, it really is something greater than the sum of its parts. Indeed, it’s this released material that has turned the heads of tastemakers such as Clash Magazine, John Kennedy of Radio X, and Radio 6’s Tom Robinson, showcasing Yammerer as an infectious and angular indie offering whilst beneath the surface, much bigger things were brewing…the Yammerer iceberg as they call it! Another act signed to the excellent Restless Records Yammerer join label mates Gravves and DehYey at the Futurama. Excellent stuff.