Witch Fever - Futurama Festival 2022


Witch Fever

Witch Fever are a doom punk band who make a full mental racket with their powerful dark noise. Think L7 with a Mancunian drawl and you might be getting close to the mayhem. These girls take no prisoners and they’ve been described as uncontrollable and the most thrilling new band in Manchester. Great live reviews from everybody who has seen them live, they have big fans in John Robb who said “they were explosive, packed full of kinetic energy and making a big, big noise musically and culturally” while Dave Haslam wrote ” Imagine the Slits arguing with Black Sabbath and then partying with Pussy Riot in Kim Gordon’s long suffering neighbour’s basement…Witch Fever are wonderful” They might be unhinged and feral but they are supercool and wear your earplugs because their drummer doesn’t half hit those skins hard!