Warmduscher - Futurama Festival 2022



Warmduscher, are in two words…beautiful chaos. They are a potent cocktail of garage rock, post punk and electronic weirdness which they mix up with a touch of tabasco and then add a fancy umbrella and acid infused cherry to finish. Clash Magazine writes ‘Warmduscher, are the sleaziest, most debauched and downright addictive experience around at the moment and if that doesn’t whet your appetite, you’re either dead or a Tory!’Yes, they are a sort of messed up supergroup of nutters & ne’re do wells making twisted music and played it with a swagger around the sleaze infested dive bars and social clubs of London. 

For a couple of years now they’ve taken this beautiful chaos all over the country and have attracted a whole set of converts bored of taking the dog for a walk and having chicken goujons for tea! Imagine the mental fried up mess of Butthole Surfers duetting with maggot brained junk of Funkadelic well that’s Warmduscher for you! Come and witness it for yourselves and remember if you’re not experienced enough to catch the band live at the Futurama ‘You’re warmduscher mate!’ Not for wimps.