TV Priest - Futurama Festival 2022


TV Priest

How you feeling my friend? TV Priest, like to check you’re doing o.k. but that’s it! They’re not a band of many words, their music does their talking or should we say shouting for them. A London band freshly signed to the legendary US record label Sub Pop. Their new album ‘Uppers’ is out in February 2021, it’s a scathing but humorous attack on the current state of UK. ‘Uppers’ sees TV Priest taking musical and personal risks, reaching outside of themselves and trying to make sense of this increasingly messy world. A band and a record that couldn’t arrive at a more perfect time. Take ‘Decoration’ the single out in November 2020 which poked fun at the full English breakfast, the 99-ice cream and burnt toast as well as the absurdity of being British!  There’s a rhythmic style to Charlie Drinkwater’s delivery that is reminiscent of Mark E Smith and Iggy Pop without sounding like either of them! The lead singer looks a bit Charles Bronson ( the prisoner not the actor) and has a slightly unhinged quality which suits TV Priest’s music perfectly. One of the first bands to be selected by the AF Gang to play their stage at the Futurama. Great stuff and unmissable act.