Tokky Horror - Futurama Festival 2022


Tokky Horror

Emerging out of the burnt-out wreckage of Queen Zee! Tokky Horror are like the black sheep of the family out of control and out for a joyride. They’re like a rush, popper fuelled and drunk on White Lightning cider. Tokky Horror have been cranking up the grit of Davine’s previous work to a much higher bpm. Queen Zee in their short time delivered so much and gave us something to believe in. Here were the young punk rebel’s sassy, spiky and politically on the button! However, reminding us of the Taoist quote from Blade Runner “The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long” and “You have burned so very brightly Zee” So, Queen Zee is dead…Long Live Tokky Horror!

 Zee has grabbed new replicants in the form of Ava Akira and Molly Rush and signed to Alcopop! Records ( Home to Bo Ningen, Art Brut & Kagoule ) and the first single ‘Girl Racer’ is a sped-up anthem to doomed youth racing around the lanes of every town, village and city of this country. Annoying the neighbours and giving bored busies the finger and the chance to enter death race 2020. Mr Angry of Liscard might not like it especially as they’ve just hotwired his car and but at the same time, they’ve just revved up our engines to 0 – 60 in 6 seconds. The race is on…see you at the finish losers.