The Pleasure Dome - Futurama Festival 2022


The Pleasure Dome

This Bristol band have only been around a couple of years but already have attracted a great deal of attention for their no frills, cathartic sound embedded with emotional and raw poetic lyrics. Described by DIY Magazine in 2020 as “Snarling post punk” proving this rowdy lot have got the goods’. They take their name from the Pleasure Dome in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s opium induced poem ‘Kubla Khan’. We look forward to nice having some houd, drug fueled romanticism at the festival. Like most people vocalist Bobby Spender says ‘I’ve found lockdown rather unmotivating but I cannot wait to get playing live again. I’ve missed it so dearly’. In fact, Bobby, is tearing at his leash to get out gigging again…so watch out he’s ‘Insane’. The Pleasure Dome play the AF Gang ‘All is Love / Goth Kitchen stage’ and we can’t wait.