The Membranes - Futurama Festival 2022


The Membranes

The Membranes since the release of Muscles in 1982 have been on a lifelong mission to kick people in the shins and snap them out of their lethargy and if any band can be described as all pointy elbows and knees it’s the Membranes. Never afraid to use agitpop to stir up the masses nor scared of covering their fearsome blast with a right good tune. The Membranes crawled out from under the discarded fish and chip papers and forlorn Kiss Me Quick hats in the endless tat and tack of the Golden mile in Blackpool. Life was not a Pleasure Beach. From there the Membranes starting rabble rousing their way across the UK galvanising local music scenes with the band’s enthusiasm, music and own fanzine. Never really given the credit for how important this was for showing young bands, photographers and writers at the time how being DIY actually meant something and you definitely can get somewhere doing your own thing. Likewise, similarly for their intelligence and musical foresight as they combined experimental art rock, the new wave of American noise with the bloody nose of British post punk cussedness!  

In John Robb, they have one of the great mouthpieces of punk and post punk, a regular social commentator on TV and a very successful author having written about Stone Roses, Punk and a new one on Goth called ‘The Art of Darkness’. He also curates the very influential ‘Louder Than War’ blog that is hosting one of the main stages at the Futurama. After reforming in 2009 for All Tomorrow’s Parties they’ve had critically acclaimed albums and are still pushing their own musical boundaries with the use of a choir both live and on record. The Membranes are a national treasure. Death to Trad Rock forever!

The Membranes played Futurama 4 at Deeside, North Wales in 1982.