The Gentle Scars - Futurama Festival 2022


The Gentle Scars

Influenced by NY bands Suicide, the Velvets and Television, the Gentle Scars are a blazing slice of punk rock ‘n’ roll. Having supported the likes of Stiff Little Fingers, Brix & the Extricated and Electric 6, they are one of Doreen from Planet X’s favourite bands.  However, the band reached near legendary status in Liverpool when lead singer Steve Lamb got a bit excited and jumped up and grabbed the rafters at a gig!  Not only did he bring down the curtains but half the stage too, breaking both wrists in the process. Nevertheless, fueled by alcohol and adrenaline, the trouper finished the set (despite being able to hold the microphone in either hand.) Luckily, Manchester photographer Steve Hampson captured the moment. How much sympathy the NHS staff at the Royal had for our wounded troubadour, we’ll never know but I bet they had a little giggle to themselves. We are hoping their performance on the Planet X stage is just as exciting, we have the paramedics standing by.