Saint Agnes - Futurama Festival 2022


Saint Agnes

St Agnes are a ferocious dark alternative rock band from East London! They’ve certainly earned their stripes having played over 200 club and squat shows across the UK and Europe in the past couple of years. Not for the faint hearted they mix rock with industrial and have a raw chemistry that makes them both thrilling and compelling to watch. The Quietus didn’t pussyfoot around either saying St.Agnes “Kick out the jams with a fervour and sense of purpose that is genuinely refreshing! They’ve shoved their death rock blues through a mangle and spew it back out in a vapour trail of blood-soaked foam.” Wild and heavy at times and cinematic at others with a gothic image to match. You fully expect them to be on some Netflix box set about some serial killer who just happens to be in a band and uses the notoriety to chase their late-night nefarious activities. Come and shake your gory locks at us!