SPQR - Futurama Festival 2022



In the eternal words of Jim Morrison, “when you’re strange, no one remembers your name”. Thankfully, Liverpool alternative quartet SPQR are no strangers to being the outsiders. They’ve had to work long and hard to find their own carefully worn niche in which to pupate and develop not only their sound, but also their crisp new image—part psych-orderly, part Danish design aficionado. Be it starting their own label Nuthin Gud Records, curating their own sold-out residencies at local haunt The Kazimier Stockroom, recording and producing all their own music, or creating their own beautiful handmade artwork and animated videos, they’re a band who do things in their own inimitably artistic fashion, mostly out of necessity. If you want a job doing well, as they say, do it yourself. Enjoying a remarkable rise over the past couple of years but sadly stymied like everyone else because of the pandemic, they’re keen to get back out there. Having already appeared at BBC 6music Fringe Festival, Future Yard, Off The Record, Liverpool Sound City, Dot To Dot, and Bluedot Festival they’re no newcomers to the festival circuit.  From havoc-wreaking, no-holds-barred freak outs on stage, to a startlingly crafted batch of songs in the studio, SPQR are an intriguing and ever-changing creature. it’s becoming increasingly difficult to deny that SPQR are the real deal, offering something far deeper and more meaningful than many of their more effusive peers. As Peter Harrison, vocalist and guitarist sagely puts it “As I become more obsessed with creativity and the nature of music itself, I realise that pigeon-holing yourself to any degree is just insane. ”