Spizz Energi - Futurama Festival 2022


Spizz Energi

In January 1980 ‘Where’s Captain Kirk’ by Spizz Energi became the first Number 1 in the newly created UK Indie Chart. Released on Rough Trade Records and it stayed there for weeks and it launched our intrepid Spizz to boldly go where no space cadet had gone before. Once heard never forgotten, it’s an effervescent & insane piece of Star Trek inspired punk rock that has certainly made most people beam like Scotty on Klingon moon juice. Most music mags or websites list it as one of greatest punk rock’s 45’s of all time and it is just that. However, when listening to Spizz Energi or one of Spizz’s offshoots, Athletico Spizz 80, Spizz Oil or the Spizzles you forget how many great songs they have many with dystopian or futuristic themes. 

Spizz Energi played the very first Futurama in 1979 and the following year as Athletico Spizz 80 so it’s great to have them here. They played Liverpool just over a year ago on a night to commemorate the closing of Erics, Liverpool’s infamous punk club to a packed house. The date was Sunday March 15th 2020 the night before the UK went into lock down. It must have been one of the last gigs in the country and Spizz like some cyborg Cassandra said ‘Funny if this is the last gig ever!’ To make matters worse our intrepid explorer Spizz said he had finally found Captain Kirk and in 2020 after 40 years of looking he was going to meet William Shatner aka James Tiberius Kirk but because of the pandemic the event was postponed. So, the ‘Search for Spock’ & indeed more importantly Captain Kirk continues! 

Spizz Energi played Futurama 1 at the Queen’s Hall, Leeds in 1979 and the following year as Athletico Spizz 80 at Futurama 2 in 1980 also at the Queen’s Hall.