Sink Ya Teeth - Futurama Festival 2021


Sink Ya Teeth

From Norwich it’s Sink Ya Teeth! One of the hottest bands on the planet at the moment mixing 80’s and 90’s rare groove sass with spacious synths, post punk basslines and ferocious vocals! The band features ex ‘Girl in a Thunderbolt’ Maria Uzor and ex ‘KaitO’ Gemma Cullingford and they write, record and produce all their own music back in their home city of Norwich. Their spiky pulse beat has been compared favourably with New York  No Wavers ESG, the Bush Tetras and even Delta 5 and while they are flattered by the comparison they see themselves sharing the same space  with the likes of LCD Soundsystem where they try to capture the sound that you experience as a human being and then set it to an infectious dance beat.

The duo take on themes of self-medication, problem names and divisive hatred and set it to a pulsing 4/4 dance beat. It’s dark disco sure but everybody knows the best place to dance is in the dark.  Sink Ya Teeth have simmered until this point but catch them now because they’re just about to come to the boil.