Sex Gang Children - Futurama Festival 2022


Sex Gang Children

London’s fervent Sex Gang Children were all the rage of the English underground in 1982-83, spearheading the positive-punk movement which mixed the raw energy and commitment of punk rock with the dark theatrics of goth. They gathered a huge following of loyal fans and played some magical gigs with their tribal and mesmeric sound. Sex Gang’s individual parts resemble a mélange of the Banshees, T. Rex, Bowie, UK Decay, Sex Pistols and Adam and the Ants, yet the whole really resembles none of the above. Like many enthralling substances, the music of Sex Gang Children with its breath taking shifts in tempo and mood pulls you in and hooks you addicted to the opulent din. However, it is Andi’s unique voice and lyrics that jumble up obscure historical references, political anomie, sexual and religious imagery to supreme effect. His voice twists and turns with the music almost like a spell bewitching and entrancing you. So many great songs over the years ‘ Mauritia Mayer’, ‘Sebastiane’, ‘Draconian Dream’, ‘Into the Abyss’ and ‘Dieche’ to name but a few. Andi Sex-Gang, the band’s frontman and only ever-present member, is joined by original drummer Rob Stroud, John Rigby (bass) and Jerome Alexandre (guitar). They’ve just released ‘Death Mask Mussolini’ a single from their new album ‘Oligarch’, their first in nearly a decade and it sounds ace. Sex Gang Children played Futurama 4 in Deeside in 1983, so it’s another welcome back to the festival and ‘to the heart of the city’ for Andi and his cohorts.