Pom Poko - Futurama Festival 2022


Pom Poko

Pure Norwegian Punky Sweetness. A punk attitude combined with a nerdy knowledge of pop history makes for an explosivepackage often compared to Le Tigre, Deerhoof and Duchess Says. Sweet sing-song vocals are mixed with intense grooves, bouncy guitars and crazy riffs that make Pom Poko a feat to behold live. Reduce the testosterone, increase the sugar rush, and get ready for this K-PUNK explosion. The Norwegian quartet’s second album effortlessly waltzes between technical art-rock, dissonant post-punk, and pop’s irresponsible sugar high. It’s as daring as it is darling.  Over the course off 33 minutes, Pom Poko capture the feeling of adorable debauchery. Though their second album, Cheater, may sound unserious at first, angst and shark teeth ripple through it, cutting through heady riffs and hearts shaped chaos. For a band named after a Studio Ghibli film about a pack of fun loving mythical pot bellied raccoon dogs who use their testicles to shape shift ( we could do do with some of those here at the Futurama) this energy makes a good deal of sense. Pom Poko’ made their Liverpool debut at SoundCity a couple of years back and they are a joy to behold as they effortlessly waltz through technical art rock, dissonant post punk and pop’s irresistible sugar high. And for that can remember them they’re like a Norwegian ‘Girls At our Best’ which is no bad thing, in fact it’s great. Effervescent and fab and much loved by Marc Riley at 6 Music and he knows a good thing when he spots it!