Piss Kitti - Futurama Festival 2022


Piss Kitti

Piss Kitti elbowed their way to the front of the Liverpool scene in 2019 and have since been confronting crowds with their feverish set and unforgiving attitude. Igniting conversations about sex, queerness and gender, Piss Kitti serve up erotic-driven chaos with a sense of humour. A shared love for DIY punk, garage rock and a good old pop chorus brought these wandering alley cats together, as they bonded over the promise to never take themselves too seriously. Piss Kitti this Merseyside four-piece have two main aims: to make you dance, and make you think. Harking back to the rich tones and provocative performers of both the glam and punk era 70s, they confront audiences with a riot of colour and sass and imagination.  They want a reaction, they want a conversation – and what better place to ignite that dialogue than the dancefloor.