Peter Hook and the Light - Futurama Festival 2022


Peter Hook and the Light

As the theme to the Vikings heralds Pete Hook or Einar the Salford Red to the stage. A sense of history and a musical legacy second to none beckons. This is Peter Hook or Hooky, legendary low-slung bassist who’s been in two of the most important bands ever…Joy Division and New Order! His band Peter Hook and the Light which includes his son Jack deliver a set of Joy Division, New Order and Warsaw songs with such passion and strength of purpose that even the most skeptical fan is blown away by the magnificence of it all. Most Joy Division fans never saw Joy Division, they were still a relatively small band when Ian Curtis died in 1980. Joy Division, were still doing one offs and gigs in working men’s clubs even though Unknown Pleasures had been out for a year. All that was about to change with the release of ‘Closer’ and ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ and all that hard work of travelling up and down Britain in a transit van was about to pay off! A first trip to the U.S. and a headline University tour would have followed in autumn but it was never to be sadly with Ian’s untimely passing. 

So, thank goodness then for Peter Hook and the Light, who has let us hear those brilliant songs and astonishing music that many of us thought we would never hear again or for some of us ever hear! Weaker men might crumble but not Hooky who throws his ‘heart and soul’ into the songs and while he knows he doesn’t have Ian’s range and indeed fragility he more than makes up for it with his own style and he understands better than anyone what he is singing and what the songs mean to people. They are a brilliant live band that delights equally old Joy Division and New Order fans and the legions of new fans who have only discovered those bands more recently. There are times when the sheer weight of the emotions Peter is singing about brings a tear to the eye and a lump to the throat but the next minute the sheer joyful exuberance has blasted the sadness away and you are left punching the air and singing until your throat is red raw. Peter Hook and his band ‘The Light’ are a triumph, one of the most life affirming bands you will ever witness! 

Joy Division played Futurama 1 at Queens Hall, Leeds in 1979, their brilliance that day on a big stage literally changed people’s lives! Famously photograph by Kevin Cummins while New Order played Futurama 4 at Deeside Leisure Centre, North Wales in 1982.

Listen to Peter Hook and the Light: