Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies - Futurama Festival 2022


Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies

If you’ve not been mopped up or dusted down by a dinner lady, you haven’t lived! Over the past few years Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies have been dishing out more riotous punk ditties than many have had hot dinners! Pete, writes brilliantly scathing and witty three-minute tirades against everything from the sad reality of’ England’s up for sale’ to the absolute sights that inhabit Liverpool’s infamous ‘Concert Square’…”don’t go there, they walk around in their underwear.” 

It’s all great fun but Pete’s view of the world comes from growing up breathing in the heady fumes of Widnes’ chemical plants.  He shares the same distorted as Half Man Half Biscuit’s view of Birkenhead and John Cooper Clarke’s Salford. Its clever and well observed. If you listen to Marcel Duchamp, Goth Postman or Queen Victoria’s Knob you will hear a sharp tongue and keen eye are at work here! The saxophone is wonderfully and reminiscent of Laura Logic in X-Ray Spex. The Dinner Ladies who have a license to thrill in their Nora Batty tights, head scarfs and pink tabards.  Expect rattlingly good punk rock from a tight, entertaining band but watch out for those manic mops and devilish dusters!