New Model Army - Futurama Festival 2022


New Model Army

“Music is basically magic. It’s a very powerful magic because it transforms one thing to another. People don’t understand the value of music and how inportant it is!” Justin Sullivan

New Model Army were formed in Bradford in 1980 by lead singer, guitarist and main songwriter Justin Sullivan. Taking their name from the Parliamentarian’s army in the English Civil War, New Model Army burst onto the alternative music scene spitting out great songs that owed much to the fury of punk but also to the great tradition of English Protest Songs as well as more unexpected influences like Folk and even Northern Soul.

Fierce and uncompromising, New Model Army have always been difficult to categorize and that’s been perhaps their greatest strength over a 40-year career. The 40th Anniversary Tour should have taken place in 2020 but is taking place now in November 2021 because of the enforced lockdown caused by the pandemic. The band have special shows lined up for Glasgow Garage, Nottingham Rock City and London Roundhouse.

The band have gone through many lineup changes over their 15 studio albums but with Justin Sullivan the only constant, he has made sure the band has continued to evolve and progress musically and never grow stale. Hearing Justin speak about how important it is to keep moving forward as a band, you realize the thrill and excitement he gets from writing new material still. New Model Army, describe themselves “As the band that likes to bite the hands that feeds” and it’s very true and even when they were signed to a major label, they never lost that defiant, independent spirit and it is one of the reasons they have such a huge and loyal following. New Model Army have written, so many great songs over the years and in many different styles and part of the band’s appeal is that they are loved by everyone from punks to goths, folkies to hard rock fans and play at very different festivals all over Britain and Europe. Over 40 years and thousands of gigs, they have gained a reputation as one of the best live bands around and it is brilliant to have then headlining the revived Futurama nearly 40 years later.

New Model Army played Futurama 5 in Leeds in 1983