The Lovely Eggs - Futurama Festival 2022


The Lovely Eggs

What came first? The Lovely or the Egg?  Who knows but what we know is that the Lovely Eggs, Holly Ross and David Blackwell are a real-life couple from Lancaster who make a wonderful lo-fi psychedelic punk rock racket! The Lovely Eggs have been described as the perfect cottage industry band but god knows what the neighbours must think? Living next to the extraordinary fuzztastic noises that must emanate must drive those next-door bonkers and that’s not taking consideration of the endless deliveries to the post box with the latest Lovely Eggs goodies lovingly hand wrapped by Holly and David themselves. Holly is also great & very funny on Marc Riley’s show when she’s on doing quizzes and other bits for him. 

The last two albums ‘This is Eggland’ and ‘I am Moron’ came out to such great reviews they have rather thrown off their underground cult status and by developing a much heavier sound they’ve attracted a growing army of Egg Heads. 2020 would have seen them do their biggest ever UK tour culminating with a huge bash at the Manchester Ritz but COVID 19 sadly put pay to that and everything else. That Ritz gig is now in May 2021 but you catch them first at the Futurama. MOJO described them as “Having an anarcho spirit running through all their music deriding consumerism and greed and the utter madness of the modern world” Sounds egg-actly right and all the more wonderful for it. Ok I’ll stop… the yoke isn’t funny anymore!