Loose Articles - Futurama Festival 2022


Loose Articles

Loose Articles are from Manchester and are causing quite a rumpus in the sovereign state of punk rock!  They are a melting pot of vehement social commentary, snake-thumping bass-lines and unprecedented demeanour. The band’s narrative, a riot of politically charged poetry and tongue-in-cheek melodic bluesy vocals which acts as a culturally relevant tribute to a nation unhinged. Having cut their teeth on Manchester’s DIY scene, the band take on society’s ills with a witty angst that bleeds into every corner of their sound. Loose Articles provide the perfect soundtrack to a year spent getting drunk on Zoom whilst watching politicians do more U-turns than a U-boat! Thumping basslines, writhing guitars and sardonic storytelling about the struggles of everyday life from Natalie Wardle, Erin Caine, Tree Nah and Louise Rivett provide the perfect outlet for our collective angst. Self-described as ‘Feminine and threatening. Working and class’, they’re not afraid to raise their voices and be heard, but it comes with a self-deprecating wit.  Salutes have to be made to the group’s effortlessly distinct style – draped in sunset brogues, an 80s boiler suit and emerald velvet denoting their enigmatic personalities. From the get-go it is clear that these women have a keen intuition for what works well, and DIY culture is ingrained in their DNA You’re going to love them.