Libra Libra - Futurama Festival 2022


Libra Libra

LIbraLibra mix up adventurous beats sandwiched between lairy garage punk & guttural noise topped with camp self-parody and sprinkled and glittering experimentation. Well if that’s LibraLibra’s cake …it sounds delicious and together let’s have LibraLibra’s cake and eat it. Totally independent and driven by a powerful DIY spirit LibraLibra, are another bright light from the blossoming scene in Brighton which is currently one of the best in Britain. Brighton just seems packed full of great bands with non-conventional ideas and great outfits! Many of the bands seem to have thrown the old rule bank away and LibraLibra are just one of them. 

A mad love for trash pop and slushy romantic ballads is underpinned it with glam noise and in Beth Canon they have a magnetic front person who delivers pop bangers with sass and gusto! They’ve already got a following in Liverpool thanks to Doreen Allen, the High Priestess of Planet X, Liverpool’s infamous punk and goth club who knows a thing or two about bands and picked up on Queen Zee when they were still had the Sasstones attached! Her hot new tip is LibraLibra and if you know Doreen you would say ‘ You’ve Got Good Taste’ Look out for her, she’ll be dancing away at the front!