Klämp - Futurama Festival 2022



Quietus faves Klämp are experienced din makers – huge, dirty and angry. With ex-members of Mugstar, Manatees, Sex Swing & Pulled Apart By Horses in their ranks, no wonder they make one big f**K off noise. Described as ” A rhino looking forward to a nice end of week mud bath, accidentally stepping on an upturned electric plug and electrocuting itself.” With Art and Noise rock influences pulped and mashed with krautrock, Klämp worship at the altar of the riff, assaulting the ears with their heavy psychedelic noise. In this weird and whacky post pandemic world, their ‘Hate You’ album captured ominously the prevailing tension of the year. Quietus, prophetically stated “Klämp have made a fitting soundtrack to the apocalypse.”