John - Futurama Festival 2022



John are a brilliant two piece from Crystal Palace who comprise four legs, two heads, wood, metal and plastic! Boy do they make a cacophony considering there’s only two of them! You would swear there was a bass player but no it’s just very loud drums and a searingly hot guitar! On hearing the single ‘Future Thinker’ for the first time and trying to google their name John to find out more about them, it proved a thankless task (Err …hello there might just be 2 million Johns out there ) it was good to know many journalists had the same problem. However, their music was so powerful and potent that it was worth persevering with the search and it was only when you added (Times Two) you finally started to get somewhere! 

Live they are visceral and brutal and their mantra is taking simple things to phenomenal extremes! That pretty much sums up the John live experience, honed over time with countless gigs under their belt! They also supported the IDLES which helped spread the word! Not to be confused with Jon Langford’s Three Johns these are John (Times Two) but they do make similar brilliant post punk rackets! They have a big fan in Simon Pegg who called them ‘Big and loud, angry and great!”