Joe and the Shitboys - Futurama Festival 2021


Joe and the Shitboys

According to Viv Albertine from the Slits all the best bands are like gangs. Well in Joe and the Shitboys we’ve got one of the best! A queer, vegan punk band from the Faroe Islands who took their name from some rubbish artwork in a basement of an abandoned school. It read ‘reson for hardcore vibes’ with shit drawings of guns, baseball bats and knuckle dusters. It gave the band a rallying point and a reason to exist and a chance to rail against the homophobia and misogyny of many folks on the island. The Faroes Islands are half way between Scotland and Iceland and only has a population of 51,000, less than the town of Widnes. It’s an island of lost souls and a deeply conservative place showing badly up on the Rainbow map of Europe and you can imagine some of the reactionary nutjobs on there. 

Joe and the Shitboys have risen to the challenge and have made a name for themselves with their high energy shows and songs about social injustices home and abroad. These punks are funny and furious with a wicked sense of humour with songs like ‘Save the planet you dumb shit’ and ‘If you believe in eating meat start with your dog’ The best thing about the band is they were only voted the ‘4th best queer, vegan punk band’ on the island in 2018. Promotion beckons and they should move up a place or two this year methinks! Might make the Europa vegan queer punk league next season.