Gravves - Futurama Festival 2022



Gravves are a vicious three piece from North Wales. Occupying a space where a strange duality of punk fury, alt rock hugeness and truly infectious songs coexist. They mix witty tongue in cheek lyrics with jagged guitars, fuzzy feedback & naggingly catchy hooks. Their ultimate ambition is to make goths dance to their records. Gravves like Deh-Yey are both on Restless Bear Records, a very cool little record label from Chester. Brutally honest about the negative effect of the 2020 lock down on the band’s creativity.  The frustration of being unable to rehearse never mind gig, made them appreciate finally meeting up. The spark, the creativity, the friendship all flooded back and the months of anxiety and inactivity were forgotten. The band couldn’t believe the impact the virus had on them when they were stopped from doing what they loved. We look forward to seeing what they do best at Futurama!