Grandmas House - Futurama Festival 2022


Grandmas House

Let me start by saying Grandmas House is not your ordinary punk band. As proudly queer musicians, their message is one of inclusion, equality and safety. They join a growing movement of bands like Slagheap and Goat Girl who won’t rest until the glass ceiling is not just smashed but pulverised back into sand and thrown into the sea. With their shows, they aim to create a warm and welcoming space for outsiders, who up until now may have thought twice about going to gigs alone. That doesn’t mean that their shows are in any way subdued. Grandma’s House is still a punk band after all, and there’s still every chance you’ll get a heavy Dr Marten boot to the head when things get going. When you hear the brutal honesty of their lyrics, which have all been born from experience, you get the feeling that whatever is going on inside the venue is far less crazy than what is going on in the world outside it. Like the Riot Grrl movement that came before them, Grandmas House have their own way of doing things and if you don’t like it, they will be the first to tell you what you can stick and where you can stick it. A stalwart of the Bristol underground scene, this three-piece have spent the last few years growing in confidence and experience and it looks to us they are just about ready to explode.