Girls in synthesis - Futurama Festival 2022


Girls in synthesis

Girls In Synthesis are a fierce post punk band from London, brutally authentic. They get post punk…they just don’t play at it. They do everything brilliantly, from the way they look, to how they sound, to the design of their artwork. It’s bleak but beautiful and not for the faint hearted. GIS remind you of the likes of Gang and Four and Wire. They are not plagiarists mimicking a previous era but new puritans. GIS create music that is full of palpable tension and unease, the juxta position of gentrification against urban decay. It’s not pretty but it’s all the better for it. Infectious and pulverising, dancey and mesmerising. They are like the perverse pleasure of smashing things with chunks of concrete. Girls in Synthesis were one of the most requested bands for us to put on at the Futurama. A great choice.