Genn - Futurama Festival 2022



Brighton-based trans-national genre-blenders Genn mean business. Full of attitude, bouncy drive and uncompromising approach to their music and life. Post punk has certainly evolved and not lost any of its bite as many women now rule the scene, throwing down their own riotous romper stompers. This is very true of Genn, originally from Malta now based in Brighton based are serving alternative post punk madness with a fun warped twist. Appalled by current global political situation vocalist Leona Farougia used a Maltese expression in the single ‘23rd March’ to describe certain things and certain people as evil ” they need their souls praying for before they lose their souls forever!” Think we whole heartedly concur with this; some people are damned already. Genn ( pronounced Jenn) were one of the first names on the AF Gang want list, it was a pleasure booking them for the Futurama. Enjoy!