Frauds - Futurama Festival 2022



 “Have you been to Copenhagen?” Would-be travel agents, Frauds are a two-piece post-hardcore band from Croydon formed in early 2013. Taking reference from the likes of The Jesus Lizard, McLusky and Fugazi. Described by the NME as making music for possibly the best or worst dinner party ever. It’s up for you to decide. The Independent said “Frauds are extraordinarily engaging, sometimes reaching Monty Python-esque levels of sheer lunacy but to dismiss this power duo as a mere comedy act would be superficial and very wrong!” Having just signed to Alcopop! Records and the band will be putting their new album ‘Long spoons’ out on the label in 2021. Think we might be getting drunk on Alcopop! acts this festival. Another great pick from the exquisite tastes of Lindsay, Brian and Louise from the AF Gang.