Eyesore and the jinx - Futurama Festival 2022


Eyesore and the jinx

Emerging from the putrid banks of the River Mersey jaded and overweight, Eyesore and the Jinx are part of an exciting group of acts that make up the cohort of Merseyside’s Eggy Records. We love their description of their own music where vocalist Joss described Eyesore’s songs in a recent interview with Bido Lito as “A collection of maudlin odes to the world’s impending annihilation”. Pretty much nails the state of play accurately.  Part of this new Liverpool scene but set apart from it as well. Josh continues ” I don’t feel our music is particularly indebted to Liverpool past or present. I’d like to think we could have come from anywhere and we would still have made the same music and that’s definitely a good thing. I think the same thing can be said for a lot of the bands kicking around the city at the minute – and that’s probably why Liverpool’s music scene is as healthy as it is.