Evil Blizzard - Futurama Festival 2022


Evil Blizzard

Cult band extraordinaire! An enigma with one of most loyal and mad underground followings in the country! 4 bassists a singing drummer and a Blizzpig (whatever the hell one of those is?) and some of the most unsettling masks this side of the backroom of Sadie’s sex shop in Preston! At least they had the masks ready for COVID -19 although heading to the supermarket with one of their fright masks on might have them banned from Sainsburys for life. Quietus described them as an odd bunch full of kinks, slants and extremities and a sound that occupies somewhere between PiL on one side and Hawkwind on the other.

 In 2019, they headlined and sold out their own all-dayer at Preston Guild Hall with Pigs x 7 and Strange Bones. It was a dream fulfilled as this was the place, the band had seen the likes of Black Sabbath, the Ramones, Motorhead, PIL and the Wombles growing up! All the band are huge music fans and spent their formative years seeing many of the bands who played the Futuramas and it was in this spirit they played packed out shows in 2020 to save the Ferret in Preston, a small grassroots venue suffering badly because of lock down. Evil Blizzard are a fearsome live experience, describing themselves as an aural assault on the senses and they’ve got a new line up to hit you with as they’ve now been joined by ex-Hawkwind singer and bass monster Mr Dibs as new member Fleshcrawl. Evil is coming… let the Blizzard commence.