Dr Diablo & The Rodent Show - Futurama Festival 2022


Dr Diablo & The Rodent Show

It’s alive! It’s alive! The gravest hits of Dr Diablo and the Rodent Show.is a boneyard spookarama, a 3D zombie karaoke for the dead. Deep in the dark, swampy wastelands of the Fylde Peninsula, resides two nefarious creatures from the Blackpool lagoon. One is Ratfink of Alien Sex Fiend fame & the other is the fiendish Dr Diablo and together make a shock rock racket that will wake the dead and zap new life into old rockin’ bones. A macabre and gothic tour de force that runs through The Cramps, Alice Cooper, Suicide, Link Wray and The Mummies. Like Herman Munster on crack, they’ll release the bats from your belfry.  One thing is for sure nothing will look or sound like Dr Diablo and the Rodent Show this Futurama. Ignore this infernal din machine at your peril. Not recommended for children of the night under the age of 600.