Ditz - Futurama Festival 2022



Ditz are special, very special. Big and loud with quite frankly a breathtaking live show. Ditz make neurotic angular punk that pulls you into their world of paranoid dramas. There’s a sonic rhythm to the band that is utterly spellbinding and difficult to take your eyes off. Influenced by the punk scene of the late 80’s and early 90’s their sound is very much part of Brighton’s current hardcore scene. Other experimental influences come into play making their songs taut and erratic, melodic and urgent that go wild as they descend into chaos at the end of the sets. Another great act from the Alcopop! Label.  Joe Talbot from the IDLES said ‘Ditz are the best band in Brighton and probably the world’. Quite a recommendation. One of AF Gang’s top picks for the Futurama and we reckon they know a thing or two about great bands.