Deh-yey - Futurama Festival 2022



A funny thing happened on the way to the printers one day. Picking up posters, the mad Irish bloke behind the desk goes ‘Have you heard my mates’ band? They’re called Deh-Yey and they’re ace. Expecting them to be rubbish and politely giving him the thanks but never in a million years thanks. Can you imagine our surprise when this incredible noise jumped out of the speakers and shouts ‘that’ll teach you ya’ smug bastards’. And so, the Futurama’s relationship with Chester’s Deh-Yey was born. Chester is a mad place really, completely schizophrenic. During the day, it’s historic and full of tourists and nice shops and places to eat! At night it changes completely when it’s invaded by hordes of nutters from Blacon, a large suburb of Chester and the North Wales bordering towns. They have been compared to the band John but they reckon that’s because of them being a duo, if they had to be compared with anyone it’s early Drenge. Deh-Yey are a bit like that a power duo made up of two good lads but their music is made up of pile driving drumming and monster riffs, angry and full of nervous, excitable energy. “Keeping up with the c*nts’ might just be song title of the year!