Coughin Vicars - Futurama Festival 2022


Coughin Vicars

Coughin Vicars are a 4-piece DIY punk band from Liverpool who reference first generation British post punk with 80’s infused LA death rock. Noise, melancholia and Merseyside grit!  If that doesn’t sound like a great combo, what the hell does? The great arbiter of taste in Liverpool, DJ Carl Combover, turned us onto Coughin Vicars and we weren’t disappointed. In fact ,we were so impressed by their noise, we booked them for the festival. Russ (@sketchstance) is a very talented artist and used to be in ‘Sheer Attack’. Coughin Vicars is a great leap forward. Very much part of the Liverpool punk scene, Russ would love to see a new Planet X or a new Anti -Club from LA that put on early gigs by the likes of Christian Death, 45 Grave and the Flesh Eaters. Undoubtedly, we all would. There’s something great going on with Coughin Vicars, harking back to a raw, dark age. DIY post punk at its best!  Check out their Art Damage cassette made of sandpaper and dymo tape, hand stamped, self-released limited edition. You won’t regret it. Coughin Vicars are smokin.