Bob Vylan - Futurama Festival 2022


Bob Vylan

Bob Vylan, (pronounced Villain) like to get right in your face! They mix punk with grime to create something that is nothing short of pulverising. This isn’t pretty music but nor is Britain in 2020 and their first single ‘ We Live Here’ was thought to be too extreme to be released dealing with racism, police brutality and the ever-widening socio economic divide. As singer Bobby states 

“What we do is scarily relevant to our world and the climate we live in and we couldn’t wait another day not to do something about it!”

Afropunk magazine described their sound as the sound of frustration pent up and ready to blow its gasket…it is the sound of people particularly Black people fed up with what’s going in this country and of course in America” 50 years and nothing has changed. No one is more pissed off than Bob Vylan and their live performances have been nothing short of explosive. Bob Vylan have collaborated with the likes of Slaves, Tricky and Strange Bones on various projects but it’s their own stuff that delivers like an uppercut to the jaw and knocks you flat with its power and its intensity. Rough Trade described them as ferocious, a short, sharp shock to the system and utterly essential in 2020!