The Blinders - Futurama Festival 2022


The Blinders

Originally from Doncaster but now residing in Manchester the Blinders over the past couple of years have built a fearsome reputation for their outstanding dark alternative rock fused with the energy of punk. Two highly acclaimed albums in ‘Columbia’ and ‘Fantasies of a stay home psychopath’ the Blinders are signed to Modern Sky Records. They are a great live band ferocious and intense and earlier performances of the band saw lead singer and bassist Thomas don black and white war paint very reminiscent of a young Jaz Coleman from Killing Joke. They sound different of course but they capture some of Killing Jokes intensity particularly in a live environment where the audience is right up close to them.

Politically astute they helped organise the “For Many Tour” in 2019 to help swell the coffers of local labour parties. Their politically driven lyrics and in your face punk attitude make them the perfect antidote to the angst and anxiety of post Brexit Britain! Like a modern-day Dylan Thomas, they tell us to ‘Rage against the dying light’ and never give in! Louder magazine said of the new album ” We’re all stay at home psychopaths at the moment …theirs is the sound of our times!”