Bite Back - Futurama Festival 2022


Bite Back

In 1976, the groundbreaking and iconic Eric’s club opened in Liverpool.  In the next few years all the greatest punk and post punk bands played there inspiring many kids in the audience to go out and form their own bands! Much has been written about the Liverpool post punk scene but many of the younger audience wanted to make their mark as well and became part of the second and very different wave of punk. Influenced by British bands like Crass, UK Subs and Discharge this was a new very different punk scene with spiky mohicans, studded belts and wonderfully painted leather jackets. Out of this underground came Instant Agony from Birkenhead who John Peel immediately took to heart with their debut ‘Think of England’, the single had graphics by Steve Hardstaff and was on the Half Man Half Biscuit label.  It’s where Birkenhead’s finest Half Man Half Biscuit took their name from. Another band who emerged were the all-female band The Iconoclasts and in their own way forged a path for many teenage punkettes many in the suburbs rather than cities of Britain. Influenced by likes of the Slits , X Ray Spex and the Runaways they sounded brilliant and looked even better! Sadly, both Instant Agony and the Iconoclasts’ burnt out as punk bands were meant to . From their ashes , Bite Back was born. Bite Back, now reinvigorated with new optimism and energy, saw them supporting the likes of Chelsea, Angelic Upstarts, Penetration ,999 & Evil Blizzard. Constant gigging also saw their fan base swell and still remain true stalwarts of the Birkenhead and Merseyside music scene. Bite Back continue to go from strength to strength.