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A Utopian Festival For Dystopian Times

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Futurama Festival is much more than music, bands, food & drink. Its a 2 day celebration of the original, independent ethos & inventiveness of post punk music past, present & future.

The original Futurama Festivals were born out of difficult economic times and political unrest in the late 1970’s & early 80’s not too dissimilar to what’s happening in the world today.

As a reaction to those dark times, the 80’s sparked an amazing period of creativity in Britain & Ireland with new experimental sounds, iconic graphic design, legendary record labels, unforgettable fanzines, innovative photography, cult fashion, alternative styles….. and of course, insane haircuts!

The original festival caught the zeitgeist perfectly but that was then & this is now. Can we spark another revolution in subculture? Let’s hope so! Welcome to Futurama Festival 2022!

A utopian festival for dystopian times!





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